CNN, Democrats Have Meltdown After Republican Wins Special Election

Democrats and their friends in the press touted the special election in the North Carolina 9th District as a referendum on President Donald Trump.

For the majority of the day on Tuesday they said this would prove that President Trump would be defeated in 2020.

They did not mention the tons of cash that was donated to the Democrat candidate, Dan McCready, from Hollywood and other Democrat strongholds.

They did not mention the fact that special elections when no one else is on the ballot are not the same as presidential elections.

And they had their narrative stomped on when the Republican candidate, backed by President Trump, Dan Bishop, won.

They immediately changed the narrative and attempted to say that the margin he won by was a danger for Republicans in 2020.

But they ignore the fact that in a special election the voter turnout is nowhere near what it is for a presidential election.

It is not that they do not know that fact, they are in the business of reporting on elections. It is that they want to promote a narrative.

Is the media biased against President Trump?

It was sad to watch the meltdown that happened from progressives after they did not get the victory that they wanted.

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