Father, 2 Sons Reel in Literal ‘Ton’ of Goliath Grouper

Two brothers from Atlanta set out on a friendly fishing competition this month in West Palm Beach, Florida. Little did they know, they would come back with a fish story for the ages.

The fishing competition all started when the bothers’ father, Robert Poirier, took the two boys on a fishing trip in Florida back in April, Fox News reported.

The older brother, Max, snagged a 9-foot, 250-pound hammerhead shark during the trip.

Brenden, the younger of the two, decided he had to haul in a bigger shark.

So, the three Poiriers set off for another fishing excursion in July whereupon Brenden hauled in a slightly larger hammerhead shark.

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It was then that the boys were literally hooked and the competition began to heat up.

As a result, Robert booked another fishing trip for himself and his two boys with Slob City Charters out of Riviera Beach, Florida.

Have you ever been deep sea fishing?

With Carl Torresson serving as captain and Josh Jorgensen serving as a guide, the five of them embarked on another fishing trip off the coast of West Palm Beach.

When they arrived at their destination, using 10 to 15 pound bonita fish, they threw their bait into the water.


It wasn’t long after that the Poirier boys found themselves in a unique situation.

“We had 20 to 30 goliath groupers under the boat and 10 to 15 sharks circling the boat,” the father told Fox News. “To have that many around the boat. It was unusual.”

The Poiriers would go on to haul in an impressive estimated 2,225 pounds of fish on the excursion.

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Brenden hauled in two goliath groupers. One weighed 300 pounds while the other weighed 375 pounds.

Max caught his share of goliaths as well. He caught a pair, with one weighing 250 while the other weighed 300 pounds.

However, it was Robert’s catch that took the cake.

He hauled in two goliaths weighing 350 and 400 pounds, respectively.

The photos from the fishing trip soon went viral after Robert posted them on Instagram.

“It was the catch of a lifetime, and we had several in one day,” Robert told Fox News.

He also said that the two boys are now calling the contest even and begging him to take them back on the water.

“We’ll be back,” Robert said. “Can we top this? We’ll try.”

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