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The US military has a weapon that can cripple an entire country militarily and economically, without killing a single person. It is a missile that makes no sound but fires its electromagnetic pulse cannon, sending a wave to the ground. That wave will fry all electronics and does not allow the enemy to fire guided missiles, since the guidance system gets fried and it cannot be shot down because it emits the electromagnetic waves as it flies, effectively knocking out any tracking or guidance system. Best of all, surge protectors will not work against the rays which hit far faster than the surge protectors do.

From The Conservative Tribune

Modern warfare calls for modern solutions. Gone are the days of the Cold War, when whoever could make the biggest bomb was considered the biggest kid on the block. Now, it’s all about fighting smarter.

Enter the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project — or CHAMP for short.


According to the Daily Mail, the missiles were tested back in 2012 before being adopted by the United States Air Force. Reportedly, 20 of these missiles have now been deployed.

The weapons are loaded on B-52 bombers, and function like a cruise missile — but without the explosion. Instead, the CHAMP missile flies over a target and fires its electromagnetic pulse cannon, sending a wave to the ground.

For electronics in the effective radius, it’s a death sentence. Surveillance systems, computers, cameras, and other electronics wouldn’t just be offline after this EMP blast — they would be completely destroyed.

Well placed shots could shut down countries for months and would not require a follow up invasion with troops. Two of the most vulnerable countries are North Korea and Iran, whose economies are already on shaky ground. This is something they should stop and think about before they start their saber rattling again.

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