Video Shows Good Guys Chase & Capture Man Who Allegedly Pushed Innocent Person onto Subway Tracks

A group of New York subway riders delivered their brand of rough justice — Big Apple-style — after one man was pushed off of a Manhattan subway platform and the man witnesses believed pushed him tried to escape.

A video of the incident obtained by the New York Post shows what happened after Nathaniel Brown, 41, allegedly shoved a man off the platform and toward to the tracks.

The Post reported the man fractured a hip. WABC reported the man suffered a cut to his head, and did not hit the tracks themselves. He was not hit by a train, police said.

Brown also spat on one man who intervened, according to the New York Daily News.

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The video shows a crowd at the Broadway-Lafayette station taking action shortly after the incident, which took place at about 10 a.m. Thursday.

The incident began with Brown trying to get away unnoticed, but first one and then more subway riders blocked the exits, keeping their distance as Brown recoiled but still tried to find a way out.

Brown, who at one point removed his shirt, also briefly traded flailing blows with one man who tried to block him from leaving, but also did not want to get too close.

Check out the video from the New York Post here.


Brown then made a dash for the stairs leading to ground level, and made it through all of the subway riders who had been trying to block him.

But he did not get away.

As Brown fled up the steps, the video shows him being slammed to the ground by a man who had come running down the stairs to block Brown’s escape.

Once he was down, others circled around him to keep him that way.

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Would you ride the subway in New York City?

Someone in the crowd then yelled for the police to be called.

A police officer was injured taking Brown into custody, leading to a charge against Brown of resisting arrest in addition to one for assault. Brown had a stolen cell phone on him at the time of his arrest, police said, leading to charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

The Post reported that Brown later called out “Allahu akbar,” as he was arrested.

The Daily News reported Brown has faced multiple criminal charges since 2010, and was later sent to prison before being paroled in 2016.

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